Our child care website is 100% FREE! Our optional customized self-assessments and reference surveys not only allow parents to make better hiring decisions, but also allow caregivers to choose the best employment match.

Babysitters and nannies who are at least 18 years of age can create a FREE profile. Individual household employers can post a FREE babysitter or nanny position. Users are able to use messaging and video chat after their profile or job listing is approved.
Your email associated with Facebook or Google is required to create an account. Your email and social media profile is not shared publicly or with other site users. Instead of having to reduce image file sizes and upload profile pictures, caregivers are able to allow additional Facebook photo access to select a profile picture. Other than the picture you choose, we do not have access to your other Facebook images. Note that images containing the likeness of any person under the age of 18 are prohibited.
We offer FREE caregiver and employer self-assessments and survey reference checks which are more accurate than phone references and greatly increase your odds of finding a caregiver or caregiver job. Reference survey results can be compared to self-assessments to confirm there are no major discrepancies and shared only to specific users with your permission. This increases the odds of a better match since the questions also cover personality, communication skills, and dependability which gives both caregivers and parents more confidence in who they will be working with and hiring.

We suggest visiting nsopw.gov and peoplewise.com for caregiver and employer background checks. Despite performing online reference checks and background checks, we recommend initial interviews take place over video chat which we offer.
VerifiedSitter.com uses Extended Validation Certificates which use the highest standards in identity assurance to establish the authenticity of an online business. Look for the green bar in front of the web address at the top of your browser to confirm that you’re on our official, secure site. The https:// and padlock icon in the address bar also confirms your information is secured. We never publicly display, sell, or rent your or your reference's personal information such as full name, phone number, and email address.
Yes. We recommend initial interviews take place over video chat for safety reasons and to better gauge candidate and employer compatibility before meeting in person. We offer private video chat interviews using Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.
One of the most common complaints during the interview process from parents has been caregivers not answering their phone or showing up for a mutually agreed upon scheduled interview. In order to provide the best possible experience, caregivers or employers who are reported to us (no call/no show) during the interview process are removed from our site after two reported flakes.
VerifiedSitter.com launched in 2016 and originated from the founder’s difficultly experienced when interviewing and screening nanny and babysitter candidates on various websites because of lack of quality references and trust (i.e. canceled or no-show interviews, admissions from sitters that fraudsters had ulterior motives, etc.). Our mission is to become the most trusted resource for household employers and caregivers while helping parents daily with the most important hiring decision of their life.

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